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Veterans Day Blog Hop: Help a Hero Write Home with Operation Write Home November 14, 2009

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quick easy cute fun: projects for papercrafters


54 Responses to “Veterans Day Blog Hop: Help a Hero Write Home with Operation Write Home”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Oooh I’m definitely coming back for the secret trick 🙂

    Thanks for joining in the hop!!!

  2. Dixie Says:

    I’m loving making Valentine cards for heroes! Your cards are terrific.

  3. JPScraps Says:

    Awesome cards. Favorite non-glitter way to add sparkle or shine to a card is embossing powder 🙂

  4. JPScraps Says:

    I’m a suscriber

  5. Tracey Says:

    Very nice Holly! I love how your Any Hero design could be made over and over quickly so you write many messages or share the cards for others to write. ~:-)

  6. Cindy E. Says:

    Holly, I love that spring card – what a neat idea! My favorite non-glitter way to add sparkle is flat-back Swarovski Crystals!

  7. Cindy E. Says:

    I’ve linked to your OWH post on the sidebar of my blog.

  8. Cindy E. Says:

    The AnyHero card I’m sending is at the top of my blog!

  9. Cindy E. Says:

    The Valentine’s cards are a bit further down. 😉 I really want that stamp set, can you tell? 😀

  10. Love those cards and the stamp set is fabulous!

  11. I can’t wait to see your trick on the spring card. I’ve been making cards for OWH for a while & have many of them posted on my blog ( I have all of the links for OWH & am now a follower of your awesome site. Thanks for helping our heroes! My daughter just happens to be one!

  12. Anita Says:

    My favorite way to add shine is SU shimmer paints. twinkling H2O’s and stickles.

  13. Anita Says:

    I follow your blog through Google Reader.

  14. Anita Says:

    I am part of the hop and have some blog candy too.

  15. favorite non-glitter ay to add sparkle is glimmer mist!

  16. Cyn Says:

    Love your AnyHero card!

  17. debb Says:

    Beautiful cards! My favorite way to add sparkle is embossing powder and metallic papers!

  18. Cathy Says:

    Nice cards. I used bling paper to add “glitter-less” shine to my cards.

  19. peggysue Says:

    What great cards, the spring card was a fabulous idea, I’ve never made one. I use shimmery paper, EP, shimmer paint or polished stone for some shiny additions. Your creations are lovely.

  20. peggym Says:

    Love your projects.. and your blog. Thanks for helping to spread the word about OWH. Hugs, Peggy

  21. rhondag Says:

    Such pretty cards Holly! LOVE your any hero card, and I ~need~ to make a spring card for spring for my stampers! Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. Dawna Says:

    Subbing, AND, I love sparkle, so if I can’t use good old glitter, I’ll add bling with the little gems. I also like to use the blingy papers that have their own sparkle or shine!

  23. Shelley Says:

    This is such a heartening venture. Here in Canada, the painting guild I belong to also creates and sends cards for our troops. They range from painted, thru to stamped and embossed cards in every style imaginable and are received with great appreciation. It’s such a little thing we can do for our heroes!

    ~ Shelley

  24. Rhonda Miller Says:

    Your cards are great. Thanks for sharing them. I like to use brads or eyelets to add a little sparkle to my cards.

  25. Rhonda Miller Says:

    I already have some Valentine cards on their way to OWH.

  26. Rhonda Miller Says:

    I have any hero cards on the way as well and will be contacting the local elementary school to see if the students could all write letters.

  27. Rhonda Miller Says:

    I am subscribed to your blog.

  28. Karel Says:

    WHEW!!! I made it all the way through…with those flamingos hot on my heels! Love what you’ve shared….thanks so much for setting me up with a great blog before mine!

  29. Carmen O Says:

    Beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  30. Kay Says:

    Love your cards and love your blog, Holly! I’ll be back to find out about the secret trick 🙂 I love bling of any kind and it is so hard for me to make OWH cards without my usual sprinkling of glitter so I use Stickles instead which allows the cards to sparkle and the hero’s to stay safe.

  31. Marcy K Says:

    Super cute cards! Thanks for supporting OWH.

  32. Mary Says:

    My favorite way to add sparkle to a card without using glitter is to add gemstones.


  33. Carla Gade Says:

    Awesome cards! What a wonderful crafty and supportive thing we can do for our troops! God bless them, and you!

    carlagade [at] gmail [dot] com

  34. I forgot all of the things I needed to do…another case of my sometimers! Anyhoo, the best way I add sparkle is by embossing, I’m totally addicted to EP! The glossier, the better! The best way to add a bit of sparkle is to just make them a card! It will light up a person’s day!
    grandma_lee_t AT yahoo DOT com

  35. Kelly Santi Says:

    Such a terrific blog you have and beautiful doggie! We just got a new puppy this week so I’m hoping for a photo op just as you have! 😉 I’m a subscriber – thank you! And my favorite non glitter way to use it on a card is to use sparkly paper. I know its not the same as stickles, glitter, etc but it’s safe (I pray!) Thanks for the inspiration of your blog!

  36. nora Says:

    your cards are just so gorgeous.

  37. M.E. Driggs Says:

    love your cards.

    I just became a Subscriber.

    I’m also participating in the blog hop and made an AnyHero card and a Valentine’s card for the troops.


  38. I had a couple of cards with glittered images that I received from my cardmaking friends. I coated the glittered images with the 3D Crtstal Color Lacquer of Sakua Hobby Craft ( or the Glossy accents of Ranger. Once it’s dried, there is no more worries of glitter.

  39. Erika Polley Says:

    I love to add sparkle to a card by using ribbon with sparkle infused in it; or by using the glittery pens that don’t have glitter that flakes off.

    Thanks for sharing your cards – they’re fantastic!

  40. Stacie Says:

    I love to use Crystal Effects to add shine to my cards! TFS

  41. Loni Holt Says:

    My fave sparkle is glitter, but a no-can-do for Heroes for their safety… so my fave substitute is gold or silver embossing powder.

  42. jmniffer Says:

    One way to add sparkle is to use rhinestone gems. Not as versitle as glitter but it adds a little something.

  43. Nancy Says:

    Wow, your cards are great 😀 I can’t wait for the rest of the story about that card! It’s fabulous!

  44. nora Says:

    Ditto ditto ditto…you have an amazing blog, and your cards are just beautiful. Thanks so much for supporting our troops :0)

  45. Tammy Says:

    Gorgeous cards! I Love the Any Hero card!

  46. Caryl Says:

    Oooh, I love your valentine card, I’ll be back to see more of your creations!

  47. Caryl Says:

    Ooops…forgot to share that my favorite way to add glitter is by adding brads…the possibilities are endless!

  48. Maggie Says:

    Your cards are great.

    I use Stickles to add shine. I am open to try other things but have no experience with other products.

    Thank you for supporting OWH

  49. Dana Says:

    neat cards. Thanks for supporting our troops!

  50. I love your cards! They are truly great! I am so proud to be one of your neighbors on the OWH hop – have a great day! TFS! ~Michelle 🙂

  51. Chris Says:

    Great cards! I’ve never seen a spring card – quite clever!

  52. Karel Says:

    I love using JellyRoll Stardust pens in clear to add a glimmer to cards. They can be used over any marker or colored pencil to add a bit of shimmer without flaking.

  53. Heather Says:

    I don’t know what happened to my post! I follow your blog on Google Reader, so I’m already getting your great ideas! Thanks for sharing those cute cards!

  54. Greta Says:

    Beautiful cards and the spring one is so neat – I’ve never seen that before.

    I love to use little gems on cards for a touch of sparkle. 🙂

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