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First Bell of the Season November 7, 2009

Filed under: 12 - Christmas — Holly @ 4:43 PM

Today as we headed to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, we heard it:  the first bell of the season.  Crisp and clear, the sound was unmistakeable.  But, where was it?

Scanning the parking lot, we finally spied the red kettle hung from a tripod–there, at the JCPenney entrance!  Not missing a beat, the bell ringer was ringing with one hand and opening the door for shoppers with the other.

Ordinarily, we’d use a different entrance to get to Tino’s.  Today, however, we trekked across the parking lot to the red kettle.  And the ringing bell.

Happy happy joy joy:  the first bell of the season is ringing!


quick easy cute fun: projects for papercrafters.


2 Responses to “First Bell of the Season”

  1. We love the Salvation Army bell ringers! Ever since my kids were little, we’ve never walked by a kettle without putting at least a quarter in it. Usually it’s a dollar if I have one in my purse. My kids are the ones who remind me now!

  2. Heather Says:

    What a beautiful sound! It’s even more sweet because it reminds you of the sentiment and intent. I’ve never been to Tino’s. I may have to schedule a field trip – I love Mexican food!

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