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Recipe Card Extra: Brown Sugar & Molasses Crusted Ham October 24, 2009

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Brown Sugar & Molasses Crusted Ham is a family favorite for holiday dinners in our home. 

If you decide to make this recipe for your family (and I hope you will!), here are a few tips for your consideration:

  • Hot Ham Alert:  Be very careful when patting on the spiced sugar mixture–hams get hot!


  • Nooks and crannies:  Once the outside of the ham is well-encrusted with spiced sugar, look for nooks and crannies.  Filling those spots up helps the flavors to permeate your ham.


  • Probe thermometer:  I use a probe thermometer to make sure our ham is cooked sufficiently–but not overcooked.  Note that the USDA calls for fresh hams to be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees–check the packaging of your ham to confirm the proper temperature. 


  • Mustard’s good:  Offer a spicy brown mustard–it’s a perfect accompaniment to your sweet and succulent ham.  I like it with this dish so much that I got a Portmeirion mustard pot to pass at the table–ooooo, that deserves a scrapbook page too. . . . .


  • Save the Hambone!  For heaven’s sake, be sure to save that hambone when the feast is done.  On a dreary winter day, pop it in your slow cooker with several cans of butter beans and vegetable broth.  Simmer on low throughout the day and serve with crusty bread and a salad for an easy, yummy cold-weather dinner.


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quick easy cute fun: projects for papercrafters.


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