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Trendy Trees: Cinnamon Ice Cream Recipe Card September 28, 2009

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quick easy cute fun: projects for papercrafters.


4 Responses to “Trendy Trees: Cinnamon Ice Cream Recipe Card”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ooooo, sounds yummy! I’ve never had cinnamon ice cream before. I’ll have to ask our Korean student if she’s ever tasted it. What fun!

    *slinks off to go find a cheap ice cream maker…..*

  2. Rosemary Olson Says:

    In my area Oberweise Dairy makes a Cinnamon ice cream but I want your Wisconsin Cranberry Nut Pie recipe to go with it. They also make a pumpkin ice cream this time of year that is to die for!!! I put a scoop between two gingersnap cookies smoosh together and have a yummy sandwich.

  3. So…when do we get the recipe for the cranberry nut pie?

  4. jlfstudio Says:

    Such a tease Holly giving us the ice cream and not the pie recipe! Now I’ll have to search your blog just to make sure you aren’t hiding it somewhere in all the rest of the blog goodness. Wonder what my cats will make of Cinnamon flavored ice cream. Sandycat likes snickerdoodles with her tea so I’m guessing she’ll like it since there isn’t any chocolate in it (her least favorite ice cream flavor!).

    Hugs – Jean

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