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Table Setting Bigz™ XL Napkin Tie: Recipe, Blog Candy September 9, 2009

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quick easy cute fun: projects for papercrafters.


7 Responses to “Table Setting Bigz™ XL Napkin Tie: Recipe, Blog Candy”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’d like to use this die for place cards – hoping it HAS placecards!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him

  2. Nan Goerlitz Says:

    Holly – I don’t have the die, but I have a few ideas that you might want to play with.
    *I’m wondering if the spiral could be used to make those great spiral pop-up cards?
    *Also the napkin ring die cut would make a great band for a candle.
    *And the reinforcements might make the perfect sunglasses – maybe for the build a bears?
    *The place card could work for a regular pop-up card – attach it to the small cut-out you’d normally use – this would give you a bigger base for a larger pop-up.

  3. jlfstudio Says:

    Hi Holly,

    I was thinking about the theme “Light up a Life” as a holiday fundraiser for Hospice or the American Cancer Society when I looked at the new Table Settings die and had the thought that the stump (?) in the lower right corner of the die picture looked like the base of a candle and the leaf shape above it looked like a flame. So my thought was to make small cards – tags really – with these shapes on it that people could put a loved ones name on (hopefully accompanied by a donation for these worthy causes) then place on a tree of rememberence. In the past I’ve found shopping malls and other public venues very receptive to this kind of fundraiser appeal and people seem to find a measure of healing in remembering their loved ones (both those surviving and those who haven’t).

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and creative processes. – Jean

  4. MaryR Says:

    no ideas for you but I just wanted to say how pretty this is! 🙂

  5. Lorie Says:

    These are super cute! I’m a pretty practical gal and would just use the die pieces for what they are meant for. I love to use place settings for Thanksgiving though would make my table look lovely with them! 🙂

  6. lisa808 Says:

    I always like placecards and little gifts on the holiday table. I don’t know much yet about the place setting die, but I’m sure you will show us lots of ideas and uses!!!

  7. Dragana Says:

    Really cute! I still haven’t played with my die. Today is the day!!! Thanks for a visit.

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