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Hello, I’m crazy for swaps. And you? July 3, 2009

Filed under: Stampin' UP! — Holly @ 8:25 AM

Am I crazy?

I signed up for ten–count ’em *10*–Convention swaps, multiple groups for some.  Card fronts, full cards, 6×6 pages, ATCs, card candy, 3D items, Definitely Decorative. . . .all told, it comes to 19 sets of swaps.

All together now: So what didn’t you sign up for, Holly? 

That would be anything klutzy me is too likely to crush in transit (sorry, 12×12 pages and punch animal alphabet), ones I have lots of (techniques), and a couple I was too slow to get in on (mini albums and wedding suites *sniff, sniff*).

Is anyone else out there crazy for swaps?  Or it is just me?


4 Responses to “Hello, I’m crazy for swaps. And you?”

  1. Debbi Says:

    I think it’s just you………and Amy, and Lyssa, and ….. LOL! I signed up for 3 and I’m wondering how I will get it all done.

  2. dmdezigns Says:

    I only signed up for 3 organized swaps, but I’ll be making a TON of general swaps – I’m crazy for swaps too!

  3. Natalie Says:

    Holy cow! You are CRAZY! 😉 I’m not sure I could even handle more than one!

  4. Alysabeth Says:

    Oh my GOODNESS! I used to be crazy for swaps, now I take the back seat. My girlfriend runs mail in swaps all the time and posts all the cards on her blog check it out and while your blog hoppin’ check out mine:o)

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