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Port of Call #28: Classic Stripes June 12, 2009

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quick easy cute fun: projects for papercrafters.


30 Responses to “Port of Call #28: Classic Stripes”

  1. Comeka Says:

    I love your Battle Lines! And your baby card is adorable!

  2. Debbi Says:

    Awesome projects Holly! Love the Battle Lines layout and story. Especially the little chunks taken out of the “tomato” letters. Very very clever!

  3. amysings Says:

    Oh, sure! Show off the tomatoes! LOL Great work! Way to go!

  4. Brandi Says:

    Very cool projects, Holly! I’ve never really given a second thought to that stamp before now. This hop is going to cost me a fortune…

  5. AKSTAMPER Says:

    Great job Holly! These are projects that any stamper can sink their teeth into. Do birds have teeth?
    Very universal and doable. TFS!

  6. rhondag Says:

    WOW! Fantastic job Holly! Loved the poll too!

  7. Dixie Finn Says:

    Love the tomato scrapbook page. great job

  8. Kathy Says:

    Love your projects, Holly! Each one is such a work of art.

  9. Love how you made the plaid background on the baby card! Love your SB page also!

  10. Rhonda L. Says:

    Great use of this stamp! Love the baby card!

  11. Margaret Says:

    Using this set to make a plaid pattern is way easier than the old Plaid Makers, or whatever that thing was called…Loved the tomato page too! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jean Fitch Says:

    I always wondered about the uses for this stamp now I see it’s a stamping necessity. Thanks for sharing the fun and funnies and the creativity and inspiration. See you Wednesday if not before. So much good stuff to explore in your archives.

    Blessings – Jean

  13. Julie A. Says:

    Hello Holly!

    I love the baby card and those tomatoes are too cute! Thanks so much for sharing your creations:)

  14. jmniffer Says:

    Great ideas for a BG stamp that I hadn’t given a second thought to, until now. Thanks for the inspiration. jmniffer

  15. I just love this background and am going to miss it terribly. I love the way you used it in so many different ways. Your Battle Lines page is awesome! Great story!!

  16. Yapha Says:

    Oh man! Why couldn’t I have seen this amazing stuff 6 months ago!! You are brilliant and creative!

  17. Twila Davis Says:

    Great job. I love the baby card!!!

  18. Super cute projects Holly! I always wondered what to do with this set, now I know! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Debadoo Says:

    You’ve done a great job with this bg. I’ve been sort of on the fence about this one, but am sorry it’s retiring. I doubt I’ll be able to get it before it retires.

  20. Holly Says:

    Awsome projects! You did a great job!

  21. Beth Says:

    These are all fantastic!! The plaid on the baby card is so stinkin’ cool (who needs a plaid-maker?)! Love your layout-sorry you had to do battle with the birds-we’ve got a wild turkey stalking our garden every morning. That candy cane design is awesome, too-TFS!!

  22. I will really miss this stamp. Love what you did with it here.

  23. Pammy Says:

    Wowie!!! Amazing ideas! Thanks for posting these!

  24. Julie Says:

    Nice projects, Holly! I especially love that baby card with the plaid made out of the stripes. That is so very clever! Great job, GF!

  25. Kat Menk Says:

    Great Cards! I love the plaid stripes on the baby card.

  26. Love the way you used the stamp to make plaid… silly me never thought of that! Love all the projects, thanks for sharing!

  27. dmdezigns Says:

    I adore the scrap page! That is wayyy cute!!!

  28. Diana Says:

    Very nice projects. I have ordered classic stripes background stamp right way. Thank you for all of this. It is so much fun.

  29. Renée Says:

    Cute projects! Love the variety of ways you’ve used this stamp! Love the red and white on an angle too 🙂

  30. Lyssa Says:

    You’re so funny. Methinks I need this background now, though…

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